what is a rack mount

>rack mount is an equipment that is used to store the vast electronic equipment. This equipment together is used to serve as a server hardware. Different portions are made in the rack mount and are known as the bays. The function of this rack mount is to store as many electronic devices as possible. These are stacked in a longitudinal form and it is made sure that a minimum space is occupied in a in win cases.

This equipment is used in the large corporations and business enterprises. They use these rack mounted servers to store the systems that provide them a healthy and functional server through which they can carry out multiple functions. Different servers, routers, network devices and switches are interconnected and stored in one place. The use of these server racks is increasing day by day because of its efficient functionality and the security it provides.

The rack-mounted servers come in different sizes. The unit used for these servers are ā€˜Uā€™. From 1U to 2U, 3U and up to 4U, all the sizes are used for the storage of different number of servers. The average size of the mount is up to 42U and is appreciated by the populace.